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Sql Course Content


  • Data And Database
  • What is data
  • Types of Data
  • How Is Data Collected
  • Importance Of Data
  • Data Storage
  • What is Data Base
  • Types of Database
  • What is DBMS
  • What is RDBMS


  • What is SQL?
  • History of SQL
  • Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL Server versions And Editions
  • Default Instance
  • Named Instance
  • Starting and Stopping SQL Server Services/li>
  • Overview SQL Server components


  • How to use SQL Server Management Studio
  • Connecting to SQL Server
  • Windows Authentication
  • SQL Server Authentication
  • System Databases
  • Master database
  • Msdb Database
  • Model Database
  • Temp Database
  • DDL Commands
  • Create
  • Alter
  • Drop
  • User Defined Database
  • Create, Alter, Drop a database using SQL script and Tool


  • What are system tables?
  • Use of system tables
  • User Defined Tables
  • Create, Alter and Drop a table using SQL Script and Tool
  • DQL Command
  • Introduction to Select
  • DML Commands
  • Insert
  • Update
  • Delete


  • SQL Server constraints
  • NULL constraint
  • Primary Key constraint
  • Foreign key constraint
  • Unique key constraint
  • Check constraint
  • Default constraint


  • From clause
  • WHERE clause
  • Relational operators and Wild Characters
  • Order By clause
  • Group By clause
  • Having Clause
  • IN Clause
  • Between Clause
  • Identity property


  • Introduction to joins
  • Types of joins
  • Inner join
  • Left outer join
  • Right outer join
  • Full outer join
  • Cross join
  • Self-join


  • Select Into
  • Union All and Union
  • Intersect and Except
  • Top and Distinct
  • Truncate
  • Sub queries
  • Correlated Sub queries
  • Conditional Statements
  • If, case, and While loops
  • MERGE Statement


  • Introduction to Indexes
  • Use of Index
  • Types of Index
  • Clustered Index
  • Non Clustered Index
  • Covering Index
  • Column Store Index


  • Introduction to Views
  • Catalog Views
  • User defined Views
  • Create Alter and Drop Views
  • Partitioned Views
  • Indexed Views
  • Advantage and Disadvantage of views


  • Dynamic SQL
  • Introduction to Cursors
  • Types of Cursors
  • Advantages of cursors


  • Introduction to functions
  • Built in functions
  • Aggregate functions
  • String functions
  • Date functions
  • Ranking functions
  • User defined functions
  • Create Alter and Drop functions
  • Scalar Functions
  • Inline table valued functions
  • Multi statement Table valued functions
  • Uses of functions


  • Introduction to triggers
  • Types of triggers
  • Create Alter and Drop a trigger
  • DML Triggers
  • DDL Triggers
  • Logon Triggers
  • Use of Triggers


  • Declare and Set commands
  • System stored procedures
  • User defined stored procedures
  • Create Alter and Drop Stored Procedures
  • Executing Stored Procedures
  • Grant and Revoke Permissions to Stored Procedures
  • Input and output parameters
  • Capturing the stored procedure output
  • Advantages of Stored Procedures

Implementing Error Handling

  • Redirecting errors with TRY/CATCH
  • Creating error handling routines in a CATCH block with ERROR functions
  • Using THROW to pass an error message back to a client

Implementing Transactions

  • Commit
  • Roll back
  • Save point

Improving Query Performance

  • Viewing query execution plans
  • Using SET STATISTICS statements

Viewing index usage